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Written by TK   

Everyone loves a good, funky dance track with a solid house beat.  Well, ok maybe not everyone.  

The latest release from Deepest Blue, called "Miracle", is bound to satisfy the insatiable appetite of dance music fans.  Featuring the sure-fire recipe for any good house track - a combination of male and female vocals and an instantly recognisable loop - "Miracle" has dance-floor hit written all over it.

It comes as no surprise to me that there are some talented musicians behind the electronic outfit Deepest Blue.  The producer is Israeli-born Matt Schwartz who has previously worked alongside Massive Attack and actually co-wrote the classic Massive Attack song, "Dissolved Girl" featured in the Matrix movie.  The other half of Deepest Blue is Joel Edwards, who has himself been involved with projects with the likes of Chicane and Ed Case of Gorillaz fame.

"Miracle" is the type of song that you would have expected to have been released in the early 2000's at the height of the vocal house music craze.  Here is hoping that the boys behind Deepest Blue will release similar songs in the future to reignite vocal house music.



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