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Written by TK   

 Eddy Meets Yannah comes straight from the Balkan state of Croatia. Just like the Croatian Adriatic coastline, the album easily impresses.

The follow up to their debut, "Just Like", Yannah Valdevi and DJ Eddy Ramich have successfully created an interesting fusion of soul, jazz and house.

The opening title track is a great introduction that’s more soulful chill-out than dance, and the tune has a spirited soul and R&B sound.  A track in the same vein is “Baby’s Got It Own Way”.  On these two tracks, Yannah’s vocal talents are on display, as are urban beats.  "Baby’s Got It Own Way” is clearly the standout song on the album.

With lyrics that explore themes permeating everyday life, this an upbeat collection of tunes destined for your next house party.