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Written by TK   

When I picked up the new offering from Unklejam, an outfit from London, I must confess I instantly thought that it must be related to the brilliant offerings from Unkle. 

However, I could not have been further from the mark.  I am, however, pleased to say that "Unklejam" is one of the most exciting listens of recent times.

Unklejam is a strange, yet satisfying, mix between R & B, hip-hop, and urban.  Almost a mix between Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West and Outkast, it is a release with wide appeal.
"Love Ya" is pure unalderated funk, "What am I Fighting For?" is Scissor Sisters for a heterosexual audience, and "Daddy Genes" brings a tear to the eye.  With lyics like "Take a look in my direction, all the people of the nation, the immaculate conception, im the coolest guy in town", featured in "Hello", it saddens me to say that it looks like the band lacks confidence and is short on ego!

Definately worth a listen.


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