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Written by TK   

The Schwarz brothers have recently celebrated ten years of music producing and playing as DJs the world over.  The brothers Schwarz have vowed to continue to harness their musical expertise into a second decade, and on May 28 2007 released their album "Black Music".

With a German background and a raft of big-name remixes to their name, including Ultra Nate, Masters at Work, Earth Wind & Fire and Mousse T, the brothers have prestigious experience.

CD 1 is by far the more impressive of the double-collection, and is said to be a mix of the brother's favourite tunes and musical influences.  The CD begins with a pearler of a track, Sebastian Tellier's "Black Douleur", which is a somewhat of a surprise as it sounds like a tune that you would hear on a Buddha Bar compilation rather than a Schwarz album.  Courtney Tidwell's "Stars EP" (Ewan Pearson mix) is similarly chilled and a standout moment, as is the final track Flash And The Pan's "Walking In The Rain".  Broke's "Over That", Brook's "Tell Somebody About The Beat" and Ron Trent's "Altered States (Light City By Terrace)" are all crowd-pleasers and thumping funky numbers, however overall the CD is a little uneven and disappointing.  I was particularly displeased to hear the umpteenth remix of "Strings of Life".

CD 2 is an odd collection of six original Schwarz brothers' tracks and the same tracks remixed by some of today's top artists.  There are at least three standout tunes on the second album, with the original versions of "Troubled Man" (sounding like an electro number from the 80's), "Ghost Town" (an eerie edgy little number) and the Radio Slave remix of "Blow" being particularly funky.


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