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Written by TK   

It has now been four years since the inauguration of the French House label 'Freak n' Chic', yet until now the label has not released a compilations album. 

The compilation 'Rendez-Vous' is a combination of new and old. The first CD features completely new unmixed tracks from the label's regulars, and takes you on a journey from the opening deeper tunes to the more funkier upbeat tracks featured by the end which would get even the most conservative of politicians jiggling. The first CD features house and electro tunes from various acts including Shonka, Marc Antona, and U & I (Ghenacia and David K). Yet it is Monoblock's "Hermano" which is the stand-out tune for pure unalterated funk. On the other hand, CD 2 (mixed

by the label's regulars Shonky and Dyed Soundorom) mixes the best of the label's tunes to date. The mixing is impressive, and is particularly showcased by the slow-down in tempo in the middle of the set with the eerie yet funky Bibi's Ghost's "Let Them Go", featuring a haunting female vocalist. Another personal favorite is the climatic "Are you sedated" by Jamie Jones. However, the really rocking tunes are few and far between on CD 2, which definitely makes CD 1 the standout.

However, 'Rendez-Vous' is a must-buy for any ardent electronic music fan.


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