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Written by TK   

The second compilation from Four Twenty and James Mowbray is for die-hard deep-house and dark electronic music only.  It may well be that I simply do not appreciate subtlety enough, however both CD 1 and CD 2 have too similar a tempo to ever get too excited about. 

James Mowbray mixes CD 1, and the CD features tracks from artists such as H.O.S.H, B-Pole and TG.  The mix is anything but mainstream (as a general rule Four Twenty do not "do" mainstream).  However, it is good to hear that specks of gold came be found in even barren riverbeds, and these come in the form of H.O.S.H's "Steppenwolf" and Ost & Kjex's techno extravaganza "Milano Model (A Thrilling Mungophony in Two Parts).  "Steppenwolf" samples Arabia like a backpacker on the tourist-trail, and the track provides welcome relief from the crunching tracks that surround it.  "Milano Model" is by far the most diverse of all tracks, and therefore is the pick of CD 1 for me - the track is an interesting combination of funk and vocal melodies and is a great climax.  Unfortunately CD 1 still falls a little short for me. 

CD 2 is a bonus CD, and its aim was to feature the best of Four Twenty back catalogue.  The CD features a Martin Buttrich remix of TG's "Rhythm Acupuncture", a Loco Dice take on Dani Koenig's "Hard South Americans" and further tracks from TG and B-Pole.  It obviously was always envisaged that CD 2 would be an accompaniment to the main CD, and it plays as such. 


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