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Written by TK   
The one thing you can say for Cobblestone Jazz is that they sound original.  The debut album from this Canadian electronic duo definitely has its moments. 

However, "23 Seconds" does not immediately grab you.  The first song teases before you're presented with the jazzy undertones of "Slap the Back".  

"PDB" has a darker edge with more of a techno sound and "Change Your Apesuit" has a catchy tempo.   "W" is the most impressive track by way of its catchy electronic vocal backing.  Pop is not what Cobblestone Jazz are aiming for:  however, more inspiring undertones would open the group up to a whole new audience.  

The second disc features a live set, which is what Cobbestone Jazz appears to excel at.  The track "India in Me", included after the live set, is a throbbing, faster paced tune and quite charming.  But at nearly 14 minutes in length, it is akin to Pink Floyd – without quite the same genius.  




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