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Written by TK   

The Cardigans are one of those bands that would be easy to hate.  They are Swedish, plastic looking, and produce pop music that your Mum would be happy listening to.

However, despite this it has to be said that this band has been producing pleasing pop music for years.  Metallica it ain't, however nor do the Cardigans try to be anything other than a pop band.

It wasn't until the release of "Lovefool" that the Cardigans were really cast out into the greater music world.  This is the tune that is recognisable as having been featured on Baz Lurhmann's classic production of "Romeo and Juliet", which starred Leonardo Dicaprio looking like an 18 year old girl but trying vainly to live up to his much-hyped sex-symbol status and Claire Danes.  "Lovefool" instantly made the Cardigans famous world-wide, and opened them up to an audience that was as wide (if not wider) than their compatriots Roxette had in a different generation.  "Lovefool" is certainly one of the highlights of the album, however unless you have had your head buried in the sand for more than the last decade, then it will not come as any great surprise to you that this song would feature on a Cardigans best of collection.

There is no doubt that lead-singer Nina Persson has a beautiful voice, which particularly shines in tracks such as "Godspell", and "Rise and Shine". The stand-out track on the collection, besides from "Lovefool", has to be "My Favourite Game" which is as funky as it is sultry.

However it is not all bells and whistles for this album. "Burning Down the House" (featuring Tom Jones) is simply inexcusable, an atrocious mixing together of a talented pop band with a musician that should have been put out to pasture long ago.  Unfortunately for me, "Burning Down the House" brings back terrible memories of me standing in a cheesy bar somewhat underage drinking vodka cranberries.  I can blame the Cardigans for a lot of things, but to blame them for my early propensity towards alcoholism is probably stretching it. 

This is a good album to purchase for those that have been long-standing fans of the Cardigans, and also those who are just acquainting themselves now like myself.


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