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Written by TK   

Have you been craving a new release from Green Day, the Off-Spring or Blink 182 lately?

No, me neither to be honest.  However, One Day Life obviously has been having such cravings and thus created "Heroes, Hoods and Headphones".  To be fair, the sound on the album is something that may have captured my attention in my rebellious late-teenage years.  This possibly explains why the band has had such success over the years with their school tours.

There are two remarkable things about this album.  Firstly, every song sounds exactly the same.  The first released single "Warm Glows and White Lies" does at least kick a little more of a punch, but at the end of the day is shaped in the same mould as the other songs of the album.

The second remarkable thing about One Day Life is that the band sound more American than English, however oddly hail from south-east England.  And that’s about where all things remarkable end. 

It is all a bit of shame really as clearly the band-members all have talents over their respective instruments, however their sound is probably just over a decade too late.


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