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Written by TK   

Ben TD is a singer-songwriter out of the top drawer.  Having just released his first solo album "Tiny Movements", expect to hear big things about him over the coming years.  Musictravels recently had a chance to catch up with him to chat about his voice, his life in Scotland, and Books and Boats. 

TK:  How are you finding the music scene in Glasgow, I've heard big things about it?

Ben TD:  It's great.  I totally love it.  From the moment I got here, Glasgow has had wide open arms for me.  

TK:  Is there much of a music-community there, and are there many Australians there?

Ben TD:  There is a lot of community here, which is one of the reasons I like it.  Some of the other bands have been really good to me. 

There are not many Aussies here.  There is one guy in a band I know, but apart from that the only Australian I know is the one that is my girlfriend! 

TK:  Good to see you are remaining a little nationalistic!  How long have you been settled in Glasgow now? 

Ben TD: I've been here for four years.

TK:  How long did it take to produce your first album "Tiny Movements" from initial planning to completion?

Ben TD:  There are so many different ways of making an album.  It depends on what matters to you.  A friend of mine who has recorded before agreed to do the album for me.  We both worked on the album for four months.  But it was not a rushed effort, we did it quite slowly over evenings and weekends.

The good thing was that we had no agenda to conform to - we had no record label pushing us to record in a certain way and in a certain amount of time.  We did it home-school style. 

It did take ages to get it out though.

TK:  You have exceptional vocals in your songs.  I am interested in finding out just when you discovered that your singing voice was a hell of a lot better than most people?

Ben TD:  When I was a kid, I knew I could sing and that I had something in me.  When you're a kid, it is hard to tell what is good and bad about your singing though. 

However, I had an inherent feeling that singing made me feel good.  I probably knew that I had some talent when people started telling me. 

TK:  What came first for you – playing the guitar or singing? 

Ben TD:  Singing. I was doing it before I could talk!  Mum reckons I was singing lines before I could actually say the words! 

There was always a guitar around the house, so eventually I learnt to play a guitar too.

TK:  The piano-elements on "Books and Boats" are impressive – do you write all the music, or have input from other musicians?

Ben TD:  I write all of it.  I'm not a very good pianist, so I put other music over it to cover it a little.

TK:  I think the piano-elements are great, you're just being modest!

Ben TD:  Thanks.  I can play piano enough to get what I want to across.  However, I would like to be a much better pianist. 

TK:  When can we expect a follow up to your first album "Tiny Movements"?

Ben TD:  I am planning on making my second album in Melbourne in about three months time.  A good friend of mine is a producer there and has a studio in Melbourne.  I have been away for so long it is nice to know that I have something going on back there. 

TK:  In an odd way, there are some elements of your tune "Leaves" that reminds me of Tracy Chapman!  I dare say you haven't heard that said before?

Ben TD:  Haha, no.  It's actually funny you say that - Tracy Chapman was one of my biggest influences when I was growing up! 

TK:  Don't worry, it is Tracy Chapman who sounds masculine, rather than you who sounds feminine!  Finally, are you missing Australia?

Ben TD:  I love Australia.  However it is not a case of missing it as wherever or whatever I am doing, I just go with it.  I don't naturally think about what I am missing.  I have a lot of great friends and family that I miss, however I know they will still be there.  Some of my fondest times were travelling around the country.

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