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Lee Allen recently spoke to the super-confident MC, 16-year-old King H, who has just been signed to Raskill Records. After a busy summer that bought his highly anticipated debut mixtape, first live show & first record deal, we now find out what's next for the highly skilled youngster…

How did you start rapping?

I started rapping through a natural love of music. I think everybody needs their vent and it just came out!  It began with me hearing a song from another artist and trying to re-create it in my own way, which turned into me, hearing a record and taking it into a completely different, more personal direction, which has finally transformed into an obsession where I just hear a beat, see a movie, talk to people and I'll turn it into music.  It's become my life!  That’s why I don’t really have my own "style" as such because I’ve built my foundations on so many different levels that I couldn’t just stick with one flow or technique because I have too much to get out.  I don’t need limits!

Where did you inherit the name King H?

King Henry is just a symbol that reflects the kind of person I see myself as. A king has control and once I established control of my life in general I felt more self-confidence to just share what I have.  I’m from a background where I shouldn’t rap, be outspoken or even get good grades!  But I decided to say I'm going to do it anyway, and I did!  So I feel I have complete control over my future as I proved so much to myself already and I can achieve great things because I’m hungry! So if I’ve only had myself to rely on then the only person I gotta prove something to is me, the main man, King Henry!

What kind of reception did your mixtape get?

Well the mixtape is just to show people who I am.  I'm young, creative and I make music that just gets you!  For me it's not all about numbers, it’s putting out something people can feel and relate too.  Nowadays, there's a lot of people who ‘spit’ and not so many artists, so I'm just trying to pull myself out of that box of people who spit.  I create music; so the "Last Lyricist" is just to show people that I'm not one-dimensional.  I put it out completely free of charge because I’ve got more in me.  I'm an investment not a pay cheque.  I'll be around for a while – this is just the tip of the colossal iceberg that is me.

What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment I'm just writing and networking, in this business it's not what you know its who you know!  Only a fool thinks that talent alone will get you to the top shelf at HMV.  You need connections, a buzz, the right management, the right situation, a banging live show and superhuman determination to get there so right now I’m just trying to throw those ingredients in the pan and mix things up!  So now I’m just establishing a solid base I can build upon and that all starts with good music.

Any collaborations in the works?

I'm defiantly reaching out to artists I respect, not only as musicians but as peers, people!  I can’t stand people who are too ahead of themselves, real should recognize real so I think that it should be more about music than money.  That’s why I'm currently talking to artists such as Marvwon, 40 Cal Hammerz and people I can just jump on a track and have fun with, however as an up-and-coming artist I do realise the pressure is on me to build a career out of this and really show people what I want them to hear.  So if an artist can push me to make good music then they got my attention!

How did your first live show go?

My first live show was an eye-opener.  I just wanted to do so well, I thought if I messed up that it was over!  The pressure I put on myself pushed me but I can't say I got a perfect set just yet.  All I want to do is get up on that stage and make sure you leave with something new and have a damn good time while you're in there!  I know what I want to see when I go to a show, so doing them I've always got a self-checklist.  So please believe you're getting 100% for every second I'm on.  I think that having a good show is as important as having good music!  So I go hard when I get a chance to tear it up.

What persuaded you to sign to Raskill?

Well it's a funny story actually, I saw an ad on a site saying "rappers wanted" so I just reached out to Ras to see what kind of artist he wanted.  I happened to fit the bill so I just hope I can use this exciting opportunity and contribute to the labels already brilliant line up.  I hope that this is the first step to a long and successful career!

What can we expect for the future?

I hope big things!  I'm not a sucker.  I can't just sit on a single with a buzz or a mixtape.  I must keep pushing myself in every way.  But I am aiming for the top, so I guess I better give it my best shot.

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