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Written by TK   

Cicada and David Guetta (Featuring Kelly Rowlands) @ the Roundhouse 

Electronic band Cicada has been making significant waves for some time now, however I must confess that I have not had the pleasure of seeing them play live until their set at the Itunes festival at the Roundhouse on 8 July, 2009.

Playing just prior to super-DJ David Guetta as well as Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child fame, Cicada appeared on stage fronted by the stunning lead singer Heidrun Anna Björnsdottir backed by two guitarists, a drummer and a beat-mixer.  Even more appealing than Björnsdottir's singing voice is her accent, even if it does take a while to put a finger on her Icelandic heritage. 

Cicada played several of their slightly older tunes such as, "The Things You Say", before launching into their more recent offerings, "Psycho Thrills" and "Get it Again".  In particular, it is the funky "Psycho Thrills" that showcases the quirky voice of Björnsdottir.  But there was no down-time in Cicada's set, and the band ensured that the crowd remained enthralled until the end. 

After Cicada had completed its catchy set, house-music star David Guetta put on a triumphant display of electronica, mixing up his own tunes with other groovy numbers.  Guetta demonstrated his immense mixing talents throughout his set, and when he finally cleverly mixed in his number one hit "The World is Mine", the crowd went berserk.  The crowd's euphoria reached fever-pitch when Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child fame made a special appearance, providing beautiful vocals to her and Guetta's new release, "When Love Takes Over".  Guetta is one of the more commercially-appealing DJs floating about at the moment, however it is evident that he has actual talent and that it does indeed run deep.

This was a night to remember for the hundreds of fans at the Roundhouse.  Everyone could thank Cicada for kicking it all off.  There is no doubt that Cicada are bound to build on their already burgeoning popularity in the coming months.

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