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Written by TK   
Daring.  Compelling.  Engaging.  No, this is not an advertisement for a new fragrance.

Rather, it is an apt description of the long-haired and crazy band Wired Desire.  Playing at cosy Fly Bar recently, the band ensured that this reviewer had as fun and entertaining a Monday night as can be managed during a working week.

There may well be a distinctive lack of heavy-rock music around at the moment, however Wired Desire are trying to break this mould with their own personal heavy-rock touch.  The band is as excitable as they are exciting.  But these boys are not new kids on the block, having formed in Glasgow around two years ago.  This goes some length to explain their polished performance.  The crowd, as media as Madonna, were fairly subdued for a Monday night and took as long to warm up as an English morning in Autumn.  However there was soon more foot-tapping in the audience than at a tap-dancing school.

Lead-singer Kieran Daly is as charismatic as he is talented.  Directing the audience to loosen up he took a glance at me, and promptly shook me out of a state of laziness compelling me to head due north to the bar.  Soon I too was joining in the foot-tappers.  But what the hey - Monday night is the new Thursday night after all!

Short and punchy was the name of the game, which meant that the band's performance had enormous shock-value despite finishing somewhat prematurely.  Rest assured though - I predict that these boys will have as long a career as their hair-length.  Which, at this moment in time, is rather long.


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