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Written by TK   

We Are Scientists ostensibly appear to be a band of overly energetic 18 year olds.

Put it down to their on-stage charisma, their fashion tastes or their youthful appearance, but at first glance you would think that the band’s members were fresh out of high-school.  The band has so much liveliness that it reminded me of the vibe of the school yard.

Therefore I was surprised upon finding out that the band - who hail from America - has been blasting out their indie rock since the year 2000, and joined all the way back in their university days (which obviously makes them a lot older that 18!).  However, there is one thing that is certain - there were plenty of under 18s in the packed Shepherd's Bush Empire last Friday night.  Then again, late-teenagers have always had their finger on the pulse of the next big thing in the music world.  And believe me when I say that We Are Scientists are going to get bigger.

Playing a diverse range of songs from across their albums, "With Love and Squalor", and "Brain Thrust Mastery", We Are Scientists did a great job of injecting some rock sophistication to the grimy Shepherd's Bush (it really is a close toss-up between the Hammership Apollo and the Shepherds Bush Empire which has the most "edgy" surroundings!).  However, I digress...

Without doubt for me, the stand-out tracks for the night were "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt", "Lousy Reputation", "Textbook", "This Scene Is Dead" and "It's A Hit".  It comes as no surprise that two of the best tunes were released as singles by the band.  The next single in line to be released by the band is "Chick Lit", and hopefully it will better the last single release, "After Hours", which hit number 15 in the UK singles charts.

What a performance it was.  The mosh-pit heaved from side-to-side with excitement. The girls went crazy.  Plastic beer cups were sprayed across the crowd.  Objects were lovingly turfed on stage by the audience. And then Keith Murray, lead singer, sprang a surprise and joined the mosh pit during an epic song.

There is no doubting that We Are Scientists are as unpredictable as their play-list.  This is a band for the future, as well as now.

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