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Written by TK   
Call me clueless, but I had never entered into the labyrinth-like confines of Fabric nightclub before I went to see Radioslave play there on Friday night.

I am sure that this is not news to a fervent London club-goer, but the popularity of Fabric continues unabated week to week.  At 11:30pm on a Friday night, the various queues for the club were spread over both sides of Charterhouse Street outside the front entrance, and despite the fact that everyone was faced with a long wait to gain entrance, the crowd remained boisterous and optimistic.

And even with a crowd of what must have been upwards of five hundred awaiting entry, the club's security and management dealt with everyone with efficiency the likes that this country has not seen since the days of Thatcher.  There is no doubt about it, this is a well organised club and it puts a lot of the smaller London clubs to shame.

But I digress.  I was not at Fabric to assess its crowd policy but rather to see Radioslave who, if you have not heard of him before, is known under several different guises: Matt Edwards, Sea Devils and Rekid.  Under these different identities, Matt Edwards (his actual name) has released records for Soul Jazz, Skirt, Classic, and Whatever We Want.  For those of you who are more into your commercial dance, you may have heard Matt Edward's remix of Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of My Head with New Order's Blue Monday some time back.

So Matt Edwards may have several alter egos, but what exactly is Radioslave all about?  Well on this night, the music was a lot harder than a lot of Matt Edward's usual sets.  Put it down to an innate ability for Matt Edwards to read the crowd's mood, but from the start he pumped a steady string of thumping tunes which the crowd had no trouble dancing to.  Was it hard house?  Was it progressive house?  Was it progressive hard house?  Probably all three of the above, but what was certain was that the crowd was moving to it.

The venue is set up beautifully to cater for this scene.  With speakers that blast out bass strong enough to penetrate your body to its core and probably tinker with your heartbeat, and a lighting system which made several dancers reach for the stars, there is enough happening inside Fabric to keep even the most demanding clubber satisfied.  And for once, you could actually reach the bar without having to queue like it is a London bank.  Unfortunately, the attitude of some of the club's patrons who seem to think that the dance floor is a rugby pitch whereby they treat the dancers with no respect when they attempt to shove their way through the crowd left much to be desired.

The supporting sets to Radioslave were equally impressive, with Zombie Nation and Street DJs divvying out great sets.  All very impressive.  I think Fabric may have to become more of a regular feature of my weekends.

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